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Residential Bird Removal Orlando

Bird watching can lead to a need for bird removal in Orlando. Homeowners will set up feeders to view from their windows. Bird droppings can discolor some building materials including those used on a home. When birds build their nests near outdoor lights it can create a fire hazard or electrical issue. Birds will even build nests in gutters which can cause clogs. Bird seed can also lead to other animal issues like squirrels and rats.

One common pest bird in Orlando is the pigeon. The ones in cities to cause issues are rock pigeons, a blue grey bird with 2 dark wing bands. They nest on ledges, ductwork, AC units, sills, and even in attics. They will leave shedded feathers and nesting building materials in the nesting areas. In these feathers and nesting bits can be fleas and mites. Pigeon droppings are caustic and can ruin stone and metal building materials. Their droppings can be unattractive and also may contain fungus. This fungus, if inhaled, can cause lung disease.

The main large bird to become a nuisance for Orlando homeowners is the Canada Goose. The Canada Goose has a black head and neck with a white chin strap. Their back is brown and their front is a tan to creamy off white. Canada Geese can form large flocks. These geese can be aggressive. This is true particularly when guarding their nest or young. Because they are big their droppings are large as well and it doesn’t take long for this to become an issue. The Canada Goose can also destroy turf.

Other pests birds in Orange County include the European Starling, house sparrow, and woodpecker. Woodpeckers can damage eaves, soffits, wood trim and siding. The sparrow and starling will flock in large numbers. While the European Starling, house Sparrow, and pigeon are not protected by federal and state laws, the Canada Goose is protected making the task more difficult.

Get Rid Of Birds, Orlando

The key to eliminating pest birds from your Orlando home is to eliminate their food sources. For the small birds this means to remove feeders. The pest birds will eat most seed and there is no way to choose a seed that will attract other birds and not the nuisance ones. For geese this may also mean making sure all garbage is secured. There are also ways to make nesting more difficult. Bird spikes are an option. Other options are noise emitting devices. The downside is you will hear them as well. Check federal and state laws but if allowed you can remove some eggs from the nests to reduce the numbers. Of course that assumes the birds will let you. There are also bird birth control and egg addling methods to reduce the number of new birds.

The best option is to call a bird removal specialist. We know all laws governing your situation. As a bird removal expert, we will also be equipped to net and remove multiple birds if that is needed. After the immediate issue is resolved we can work with you to make the environment less attractive to the pest birds so to reduce the likelihood of having this issue again.

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