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When birds in Orlando become an issue, building owners will need to bird proof the area. Some birds considered nuisance bird include Starlings, Pigeons, and Canada Geese. These birds can have large populations that damage yards, buildings, and even concrete sidewalks and driveways. Bird droppings are caustic and do damage to many building materials. They can carry diseases. Their nesting materials can damage building vents.

In many cases just removing all food sources will make the yard less attractive to birds. Remove all feeders and ensure garbage is secured. This may not be enough. It may be in the owner's best interest to hire a Orlando bird removal expert. We will be able to inspect the property. The inspection will ensure no birds have entered the building. We will take care of any exclusion and clean up needed.

We will also be able to come up with a plan to bird proof the building. There are many ways to bird proof a building. Most are to prevent roosting. If birds can roost they will be more attracted to the area. Roosting deterrents include bird stakes which prevent birds from roosting on the building ledges. Coiled wire which also prevents roosting on ledges, window sills, and even pipes. It is adaptable for many different structures. It is also safer for the birds. Bird slides which are slanted metal pieces the eliminate flat areas for birds to perch on. In some case electric shock track is used. It is low voltage so the bird is not harmed. The birds dislike it and will not remain. Bird netting can provide a barrier to keep the birds from larger areas. Garden netting will also keep birds from eating crops. Birds can adapt to some of these methods so more than one method may have to be used. The bird removal expert will work with the owner to come up with the best program for the specific building needs.

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