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Damaged, Contaminated Insulation Replacement Orlando

Birds sometimes get into attics in Orlando. The main concern is to get them out. After they have been excluded what remains is a mess. The mess will have to be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Bird droppings can build up to large amounts. This can happen even after just a few months. The droppings are caustic. This can damage building materials such as wood in attics. Many diseases can be found in bird droppings in Orange County. As many as 60 diseases are associated with birds and their droppings. This includes parasitic, fungal, bacterial and viral diseases.

These disease include:

  • Histoplasmosis - a fungal respiratory disease.
  • Candidiasis - a yeast or fungal disease causing skin, intestinal and respiratory issues. It can also cause additional issues for women.
  • Cryptococcosis - a yeast disease causing pulmonary problems, but also affect the nervous systems.
  • Salmonellosis - a bacterial disease that creates great intestinal difficulties.
  • E. Coli - a bacterial disease that creates great intestinal difficulties.

Contaminated Insulation Clean Up Orlando

The clean up an attic in Orlando must be done in a safe manner. Wildlife removal experts will also be able to take care of the clean up. This may include removing all insulation from the attic. The insulation may be contaminated from bird droppings. Bacteria from bird droppings can become attached to fiberglass.

The best way to be certain that all disease has been cleaned is to remove all the insulation. Sometimes this is done with an industrial vacuum. All insulation not vacuumed should be bagged. Any hazard suit should also bagged before re entering the home. This ensures none of the contamination gets brought down into the home. Once all the insulation has been removed the attic should be decontaminated. The attic can be fogged with an enzyme based biohazard cleaner. Removal experts are best suited to handle attic clean up. We have the proper equipment. We know how to do the job safely.

After all insulation has been removed and the area decontaminated, the Orlando wildlife expert will inspect the area again. They will be looking for damage to wires, wood, and any other areas with droppings. Once this has been done and any repairs finished, then new insulation can be installed. The professional will work with the owner to choose the insulation with the most appropriate R factor for the area. We know local building codes to ensure the work is done properly.


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