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Sometimes birds will find an attic vent in your Orlando home to nest. They may use the same nest for years. Over time they may even find a way to the inside the attic. Inside is a much safe place for the birds to build their nests and raise their young. If you find evidence that birds have used your attic the first step is to determine if they are still there. A bird removal expert will do a complete inspection of your home in Orange County. If there are active bird nests the expert will do a bird exclusion. Then they work with the owner to develop a plan to ensure the birds don’t return. If there are no active bird nests or once the birds are out. The attention turns to the mess they have left behind.

The birds may have left poop soaked insulation as well as food and nest debris behind. This can result in mold growing in the insulation and surrounding wood. There may odor problems too. Bird droppings are also caustic which can deteriorate the building materials it lands on. The droppings can also carry many viral, parasitic, fungal and bacterial diseases. As many as 60 diseases are associated with birds and their droppings in the Orlando area. The diseases in the droppings can become airborne. If this happens the the risk to people inhaling the disease and becoming sick is high.

It is best to allow a professional bird removal expert to do the attic clean out as well as remove any active birds. We have the proper equipment to do the job safely and thoroughly. The first step we will take is to get rid of the larger debris. This may include nesting material or feathers. Then we will use an industrial vacuum to remove any remaining droppings. Deodorization and decontamination of the attic is the next step. We will use an enzyme based biohazard cleaner. Sometimes this will be through a fogging technique. This removes and pheromones, parasites, or anything else left behind that could cause issues. This attic clean up may include removing many areas of insulation contaminated by the birds. The Insulation will need to be replaced.

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